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Private Tour : Dreamworld

Tour Description :

Dream World is the absolute stuff of kids! You won’t get out of here until they are exhausted… and you know how long that takes! This is a big American-style theme park with all the trimmings. Corkscrew, Bumping Cars, Swinging Viking Boat, Rollercoaster – they are all there, and more besides. My personal favourite is the Giant's House where everything is 50 times as big as it should be – very convincing and it would be an absolutely great place to have a party. The Super Splash, and White Water Rapids are water rides and please note: You will get wet! Dream World also has a full fledged go-kart track and ‘Snow Land’ – a display of artificial snow (although this attraction is not included in the main ticket fee). Dream World also features a live ‘Hollywood Action Show’ which up until recently had a dubious display of Nazi Storm Troopers successfully invading an Allied camp. Many people are glad that the current focus has changed to a SWAT team invading a criminal’s den. This is well worth the trip. If you have kids (and the time) definitely take them. Don't miss the extravaganza! Meet your favorite cartoon characters in the spectacular The Colors of the world Parade. Oh! Yes, Dreamy will be in the parade too.

Payment by cash to driver as follows :

Number of passenger. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Price THB 
Per Person
2,000- 1,500- 1,250- 1,100- 1,000- 950- 900- 850- 800-

Inclusions :
- Transportation ( Private tour)
- Entrance Fee with Rides , Snow Town and Buffet Lunch

Exclusions :
- Water Fun ,Go-Kart,Air-Gun and Carnival Games are exclusive and be accepted when purchasing with Rides 

-Operation time is from 10.00 am. to 5.00 pm.
-Lunch is served between 12.00 pm. to 2.00 pm. daily.

- Customers can get more details here. www.dreamworld.co.th/

No stop visit Jewelry store and Shopping store except customer need.

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